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Centralize your map data and gain performance


Cartographic convergence

Geostorm is a simple and ergonomic web application, allowing the creation of enhanced maps and is the essential tool for decision making and localized data analyzing.

  • Integrate your geotagged data (in space and time)
  • Call complex image processing chains
  • Create your own maps and annotated pictures
  • Make your own spatial analysis
  • Post your productions

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The advantages of GeoStorm

Geostorm was designed to make your life easier in your geospatial daily activity.

Map centered

Geostorm offers map-centered and ergonomic WEB interface, offering many tools and new interactions.


Geostorm can be used on PC, mobile and tablet. It is able to download a map for offline consultation.


Respecting the OGC standards (WMS, WPS, WCS, WFS, ...), OpenSearch and BPMN, Geostorm can interface with all market GIS software from QGis to Esri.


Built in a modular way, Geostorm can integrate your processing chains, and thus offer a central tool for all your needs.

Cloud ready

Intended to facilitate collaborative work, Geostorm can be deployed on your private cloud or be used directly via our SaaS platform.


Thanks the use of new technologies, access your data incredibly fast.

Big Data Processing

Simply develop your processing on your own computer, and publish them on the cloud in one click. Your algorithms will be automatically parallelized.

World Wide Data

Can handle and mix data from various sources, from EO data (Copernicus) to very big vector database.

An Open-Source approach

As it is pointless to keep reinventing the wheel, Geostorm would not be what it is without the help of the Open Source world. The development team has understood and analyzed the best components to integrate in the solution. Active members of this community, contributions were made on many of these components, among which OpenLayers, MapServer, OrfeoToolBox, QGis, and many others ...

Browse space and time

Unleash the power of your information by a multi-dimensional approach.

Include various sources of information flow and manage the temporal aspect of events.

Made your data consistent to facilitate their processing, fusion and analysis.

Adapt the informations according to your needs, thanks to a wide range of vizualisation tools.

Internet of things



GeoStorm allows to work with the data of thousands of connected sensors and to visualize the evolutions of a system in a centralized way. The platform proves to be very efficient for the implementation of real-time infrastructure management systems, allowing a complete follow-up from the supervision of the sensors to the processing of the produced data.

  • Management of very large volumes of space-time series:
    • Connected sensors
    • Environmental data
    • GPS positions
    • Webcams
  • API for IOT data ingestion and consultation
  • Configurable dashboards and portal integration
  • Information processing and crossing with Spark

Main clients

GeoStorm is the solution chosen by more than a dozen companies and organizations to respond to various problems.
This ranges from the mapping/visualization of railway infrastructures, to the management of sensor and drone sets for monitoring urban environments, through the implementation of Earth image processing chains for GeoStorm instances such as the ESA one.

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Want to find out more?

Geostorm is an evolving project, developed by CS SI.
If you want to know more about Geostorm, its features, its suitability for your needs, feel free to contact us.
We will be happy to give you a demonstration and to present the latest developments of the platform.